I’m a PhD candidate at SUNY-ESF, working on predictive modeling and visualization with a focus on natural systems. My current work focuses on using game engines as GIS to visualize large-scale landscapes with a focus on forested systems as a method for scientific communication and outreach. Past projects have focused on landscape and community ecology, and have included predictive models of forest biomass from remote sensing data and the landscape-level impacts of beaver within New York’s Adirondack State Park. In all of these projects I’ve worked to apply data science techniques to large-scale challenges, frequently serving as the statistical and technical expert within my team.

On this site I keep a list of my publications, presentations, and my CV, as well as a technical blog.


State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Syracuse, NY

Ph.D. in Environmental Science | August 2020 - Present (Expected 2024)
B.S. in Forest Ecosystem Science | August 2015 - December 2018

Selected Projects


unifir: A Unifying API for Interacting with Unity from R. Mahoney, MJ, Beier, CM, and Ackerman, AC. 2022. Journal of Open Source Software 7(73): 4388.

terrainr: An R package for creating immersive virtual environments. Mahoney, MJ, Beier, CM, and Ackerman, AC. 2022. Journal of Open Source Software, 7(69): 4060.

Stem size selectivity is stronger than species preferences for beaver, a central place forager. Mahoney, M. J. and Stella, J. C. 2020. Forest Ecology and Management, 475, 118331.

R Packages

unifir | A Unifying API for Working with Unity in R | 2022
terrainr | Retrieve Data from the USGS National Map and Transform it for 3D Landscape Visualizations | 2021
heddlr | Functional Programming Concepts for R Markdown Documents | 2020